TYPES AND COLORS: Traditional Applehead kittens are available all year. Sealpoint, Bluepoint, Chocolate point, and the occasional Lilac point coloring. Often a wonderful, low maintenance, long-haired Balinese kitten will be available. The longer haired Balinese cat is at the top of the list for Hypoallergenic cats. For several years I have been successfully  placing Balinese kittens in homes with those who suffer from allergies.

DISPOSITIONS: Imprinted at birth, kittens are very sweet, socialized to develop their personalities, and raised loose in the house, not in cages. Excellent, sweet and loving companions, these kittens will entertain and impress you with their antics and intelligence. Most will retrieve paper wads, toys or soft objects with a little training.

HEALTH: Traditional Siamese cats are known for their robust health and long life spans. I have had cats live to be over 18. It is not unusual for a few to live into their 20’s. All adult cats have tested negative for Leukemia, FIP and FIV. Kittens receive their first series of vaccinations and worming before leaving the cattery.

GUARANTEE: All kittens are vaccinated and guaranteed to be healthy when they leave the cattery. Kittens are also guaranteed for genetic defects for one year after purchase. I will replace a kitten if accompanied by veterinarian certification of a congenital defect.

VACCINATIONS: Kittens receive their first vaccination between 8 and 9 weeks of age. Placement is usually between 9 and 10 weeks of age after receiving their first 3-way vaccination. Kittens who will be shipped are normally around 11 to 12 weeks of age and weigh at least 3 bs

Taino, the karate cat

BREEDING PROGRAM: Each queen is allowed to have a litter every 6 to 8 months, if she is in excellent health. I have a few nice queens and it is my goal to raise a few superior kittens each year. The stud cats are housed in their own area and not caged. They have bunk beds they share and get along well with each other.

FEEDING: Cats and kittens are fed a combination of high quality professional dry foods, including Wellness, Blue Mountain Kitten, and others containing low grain content. I also supplement with pressure cooked chicken as a treat for nursing queens and kittens getting used to solid foods. Vitamin supplements NuVet Plus are given to all breeding cats and kittens.

SHIPPING: Have successfully shipped kittens by First Class in agreeable weather. I make every effort to insure their safety and well-being during their trip. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. I do not like to ship Internationally and prefer that those customers pick up their kittens here. I have kittens in Holland, Puerto Rico and Hawaii as well as all over the continental U.S. and Canada.

PRICE: Kittens are priced at $650 each. Deposit is $300 each, non-refundable and applied to the cost of the kitten.

REGISTRATION: All kittens are registered with the American Cat Association, America’s oldest cat registry.

STUD SERVICE: Orecatay is a closed cattery. To guarantee the health of all the cats, no outside cats are allowed.

REFERENCES: Read letters from satisfied customers. Photos of cats are available upon request.