One Cat or Two?

Some time ago I asked my kitten people to respond to the question of whether it is better to have one or two cats/kitttens. Here are a few of their replies. Also, they will still bond totally with you! -Diane

Hi, this is Carol S.

We purchased two kitties a year ago after always being a one cat family. I was concerned with the bonding issue also. Phoebe and Athena have very different personalities but they have both bonded very closely to Paul and me. And they love each other. They chase each other, wash each other and still nap together in a big kitty ball.

Two are great!


My experience is that it’s better to have AT LEAST two, that way, when one is ignoring you, chances are the other one’s being friendly. Five is waaaay better. You’ll have at least one sleeping with you at any given time.

Oh, one more thing. If she has two, she won’t feel quite as guilty when she leaves them alone for 15 minutes to run to the store. Or to the movies. Or to work.




Talk about timing! As I was emailing Diane about how wonderful her kitties are, I received a note from her explaining that you’re debating…one or two?

There is absolutely no way I can tell you of our experience. We got brother/sister littermates about a year ago. Their names are Fred & Ginger. Fred being the Alpha male is the designated “leader” and Ginger is happy to follow. We had a bit of concern, also, about the bonding thing. Not a problem!! Instead of one kitty on your lap, you’ve got 2! And when they decide they don’t have to be together, you only have 1 in your lap! (Fred was helping me email Diane a few minutes ago.) I’ve had Siamese cats since I was little. They have all had lovable, but very different personalities. Fred is our first male. I never wanted to deal with the spraying thing. Boy was I wrong! We neutered Fred shortly after we got him (Ginger just hopped in to help type!). Ginger was spayed at the same time. They were good company for each other during recovery. Anyway, I have never seen such an affectionate kitty as Fred! And what a comedian! Ginger is a bit less animated but just as special. We can’t imagine this house without them!…Answer your question?

Good Luck!



Hi Diane

I think getting 2 kittens is a great idea, but then I have gotten 3 of your babies. As far as the bonding goes… well I don’t think that is a problem. These little fur balls take turns watching, following, attacking, loving, nursing, sleeping on both Harvey and I. Granted Saki is more attached to me than Harvey and I would say that Miso is definitely Harvey’s cat, but I think that’s their personal perference.

My vote is for 2 kittens!




I agree with Judy. Zoe and Chloe are the best friends I’ve ever seen, wherever one might be sleeping, eating, playing or exploring forbidden territory, the other one’s never far away. Watching them sleep cuddled into one big Siamese ball of fur usually makes my day. They’re still really affectionate with us, though, at night Zoe still sleeps on Jackie’s neck and Chloe often follows me around the house or will curl up on the towel that I keep for her on top of my computer desk. They’re both very affectionate kitties!