Just touching base to let you know that everything’s going great here and Hazel is an incredible cat, she’s smart she talks all day long she follows us around like a little dog she still sleeps right on top of Sharon probably in the same spot she marked on your bed. She sits on my lap while I do my work at the desk and follows me around and never stops talking. She is a very personable kitty and she’s concerned about everything and she’s always keeping an eye on Harry who is twice the size of her now. Hazel says to say hello to Grandma.

Harry turned out to be a terrific cat also. His mother was Snowbell Hazel’s sister from the same litter so her parent’s are Harry’s grandparents. Hazel raised him like her own kitten when he showed up and was 8 weeks old and tiny and he follows her around and just loves Hazel like there’s no tomorrow.

Hazel is 10 years old and Harry 7.

Peter R., Jan, ‘16


Siam has grown a lot. She is full of energy. She will jump from the back of my chair to the computer table and clear it off. What a mess!! For a while I had to close my bedroom door at night or she wouldn’t let me sleep.

Sue L., Feb, ‘15


Siam has been a joy and no day is the same. She has the tendency to sleep during the day and watch out for the night time. You can hear her in the living room yowling and almost always playing with her fuzzy toy, but, I made the mistake of leaving 2 big bags of yarn on the livingroom floor and she tore into one of the bags like crazy. It looked as though it had been shot with a shotgun. Plastic pieces all over the place. She just had a good time.

She likes to slap Jilly Bean (dog) and will tease her until Jilly starts to whine…then they are on the chase. She really likes to play with a ribbon on a wand. She packs her fuzzy around and sometimes I don’t know where it is but the next morning it could be in the middle of the floor. She likes her cat tree. Spends the biggest share of the day at the top soaking up the heat from the wood stove.

She likes to go camping, but I have to keep her leash on…she will try to go out the door. I don’t let her out, but I have put her feet in the grass and she doesn’t like it. She is spooky of noises and so it’s not worth it to let her outside.

Sue L., March, ‘16


I wanted to check in and let you know that all is well. Homer slept most of yesterday, snuggled up as close to me as he could get. He used his litter box, ate dinner and slept with me, glued right beside me. He slept ALL night without a peep out of him, although I felt him reach up and touch me a few times during the night. As you said might happen, at 5:55 am I woke to him standing on me, staring me in the face. Time to get up! hahaha!

This morning we played with paper wads and he found the cardboard scratcher and just went at it! He loved it, just as the reviews said he would.

He started purring last night and hasn’t stopped. If his eyes are open, he’s purring. He is absolutely the most adorable, best kitty. He plays, but not too rough, and is extremely affectionate. I know I made the right choice when I chose him.

Thank you so much!!

Linda M., May, ‘14


Homer is the best kitty ever! He’s happy and healthy; playful and a stinker at times. Smart as a whip, too! Isn’t he beautiful? He weighs close to 10 pounds. I suspect he still has some growing to do.

Linda M., Jan, ‘15


I wanted to give you a brief update on Homer.

He is everything we dreamed of in a kitty, and more. He minds like a dog and is very well behaved. He’s exceptionally friendly and runs to the door when the doorbell rings. He does NOT want to be left out of anything going on. And lap cat? He snuggles for hours at a time.

We have bird feeders in our backyard and I’ve attached a photo of him “stalking” the birds from his secret hiding place on the couch. 😊

Linda M., Jan, ‘16


Thank you so much for taking such great care of our kitten. She is so perfect. Her and our dog are already best friends. He takes care of her like she is his own. Attached is a picture of them napping together. We will be sure to send you plenty of more pictures in the coming days, as we have lots of them. She is so adventurous and playful. I thought she would need a few days to adjust but she is claiming the house like she has lived there all her life. Once again thank you so much for everything you did for our kitten, you are the best. We will for sure be recommending you to any of our friends or relatives who are looking into getting a siamese. Hope all is well and please stay in touch.

Matt S., March, ‘14


Hi Diane – thought you might like to know that the kittens are doing great – they just had their second shots last week so we are up to date. Pearl is still the curious one and follows me around like a little puppy. She is also the first one to climb into my lap when I sit down. Emmylou is very busy – always playing and running around. She plays hard and sometimes Pearl has to just watch from a distance or face getting attacked. They both have great motors. I am very happy to have them both and they are devoted to each other.

Jackie, November, ‘13


Well the girls survived the first sleepover from the grandkids. Our 6 year old granddaughter was so devoted to them. She read them stories under the kitchen table, helped me feed them and generally just needed to be near them the whole time. She even wanted to stay home instead of going to play park (but we didn’t). Pearl was very mellow and let Violet hold her the most at quiet time. Violet said she wanted to live with us all the time so she could be the kitten mommy. Hope you are keeping warm in all this cold weather.

Jackie, November, ‘13


I don’t know if you remember me or not but I bought my female siamese cat from you a couple of years ago. I live in Boise and traveled hi and low and found you with your sweet siamese. I just want to say thank you again for producing such a sweet and smart siamese. She is every bit of what I expected and more!

Leah C., Oct, ‘13


We are so thrilled with our little Chloe, named after her mother. She is just as you said. She is a fluffy ball of fun. Our whole family fell instantly in love, with the exception of our other kitten, who is still warming up to her. Yesterday there was hissing and growls, but today they were chasing each other around.

I will try to keep you posted about her progress. Thank you very much for all you did for me in helping us get the kitten of our dreams, which she certainly is. You are a wonderful cat breeder and I will enjoy recommending you to others who meet and fall in love with our Chloe.

Sincerely, Barbara P.


My Bali is the gentlest cat we have. He never extends his claws when touching us. When we’re holding him and he wants down, instead of getting forceful and rough, he turns his body to water and slides out of our arms.

There are 4 cats in our household. The Bali is the peacemaker. We adopted a feral cat last winter who had a hard time adjusting to living with other cats. He was so defensive that he overreacted to everything. When one of the other three came near him, he reached out and clobbered him or her. I think that Mugsy, the Bali, decided disharmony had gone on too long and took it upon himself to diffuse the tension. Every time the cats were in a situation in which Andy, the feral cat, normally reacted aggressively, Mugsy started walking right up to him and giving him a nuzzle nose to nose followed by full body rub before Andy had a chance to strike out. It was only a matter of days before Andy settled down and felt accepted. Mugsy will defend himself although he’s not quick to do so. He and Andy are good fiends but Andy likes to play too roughly for Mugsy. He will put up with a certain amount of it then tell Andy that’s enough. If Andy doesn’t respond and let up, Mugsy will leap on him, pin him to the floor with a throat hold and keep him there while growling to make sure that Andy gets the message. Andy is bigger than Mugsy but when this happens he knows he’s met his match. Now that Andy feels secure with a warm dry place to live, regular feedings, his new playmates, and having humans who love him, he’s gentled down into a lap cat and a good buddy to his three house mates. And Mugsy is the one that facilitated this for him. I was nearly ready to give up until Mugsy stepped in and did what I couldn’t do, gave Andy the acceptance he needed from another cat.

Mugsy is also the biggest ” ham” in the house. When he wants something and isn’t getting it right away he sounds like he’s being tortured and terrorized until someone responds to him. I never really know if it’s serious or not until I check on him.

Billie Jo, Alaska


I just wanted to tell everyone about the great balinese kitten I got from Diane Varni. I surfed the web, and of all the sites I found, Diane’s kittens looked the absolute best, and more importantly, I liked everything I read or heard about Diane. I liked the way she raises them “underfoot”, and the love & socialization that they get. So, I took a leap of faith and mailed her a cashiers check from the bank for the full amt. due for the kitten, plus the airfare (in my case, a total of $980). Let me tell you – that’s a lot of money for me – I saved money, plus asked my family for donations as my Christmas present. But, honestly, from chatting by email to Diane, and reading the posts from orecatays group, I wasn’t really worried at all. I had a great feeling about Diane, and in this case I was completely right! The kitten she sent me is an awesome little blue-point, long-haired balinese that I named Lire’ Moxie (as in the Italian currency pronounced [leer-a] & Moxie = money with spunk! She is precious! And she had to be shipped completely across the country from Oregon to Virginia. This happened without a hitch! And I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Dawn L., Danville, VA


I previously had two siamese girls until they passed on at age 16. Two years ago, I got three beautiful bali girls from Diane, who are all litter mates of her Rosie and Mary Geille. All of my girls, except one of my former cats, are extremely friendly. They race me to the door to see who it is and assume they will welcomed. Overnight guests are visited through the night unless they close their door.

I find each of them has a very distinct personality. My Sara acts like there is an invisible cord between the two of us, following me everywhere, conversing when there is something to say, climbing on me every chance she has, and is so full of love. She sleeps on my shoulder, cuddles and purrs. Samantha is the first cat that absolutely loves my husband and spends a lot of time with him and his computer. She is easy going, but playful. Hannah is a bit more independent, but when she feels loving, she gives it a hundred per cent, and purrs more loudly than any cat I have ever heard. They will all jump on people’s laps once they get to know them. I have never had even one of the five girls hiss at a person or bite, etc.



I bought 2 beautiful girls for breeding cats. Meena and Mia 7 years ago and they produced gorgeous kittens, no health problems, and purchased a seal point boy for a future stud 6 months ago he is a lovely boy and very healthy boy, no health issues. I have a closed Cattery and each cat is tested for everything under the sun, and he had a clear bill of health. Diane is a very sweet person and I feel very lucky to have some of her breeding lines, which are some if the oldest Traditional Siamese blood lines out there.

Lynn from Southern Traditional Siamese Cattery, Oct 15, 2012


Diane, these boys are UNBELIEVABLE & THE CUTEST KITTENS on earth. I know without a shadow of doubt you picked the best for us. I think all of your kitty’s knew that after we met them… we are so lucky to have these guys. They have made our home a very happy place. I just developed a bunch of pictures and will get some off in the mail to you. Just want you to know BB and Diesel are special. Have a good day!

Love Kris L.



I have been entertaining people over the last few days for hours it seems and I realized how often I bring you up as a wonderful breeder and mentor. I just really wanted to thank you very much for being so wonderful to me, you have mentored me along and given much great advise no matter what my question has been. You helped edit my website and have helped me in many other ways. Just in case no one has told you lately, you are a wonderful person with very much to offer in advise and friendship as well. I love your stories but most of all I relish in your blunt honesty. I have never cared for the types that go around an answer or try to sugar coat an answer. I have been told many times in life that I should think before I speak because I have a bad habit of just putting it out there and then letting someone deal with the reality. You have taught me so much and I continue to always seek your advise over anyone else, I have always felt that you have these wonderful cats in the highest interest that anyone could and that you would only offer what you felt to be the best solution. You are very open with your information and or opinion and I really do appreciate that. I admire you for everything that you have accomplished and continue to accomplish, I know that life is not always easy for you out there by yourself, but you continue to do what it takes to make it work. You love your cats as much as your children I think and that is wonderful. Diane, just wanted you to know how highly respected you are in my eyes and that I feel that I am much a better breeder because of you.

Thanks for EVERYTHING especially for just being who you are.




Mort is an amazing cat, as any offspring of Chloe and Corduroy has to be. If a cat can be reasonable, he is that. He turns 2 on March 8 and at 18 lbs can do pretty much what he wants to do, when he wants to do it. However, he has a sweet nature. He is a major poppet and Bart is not far behind as the scamp. Bart is 9.2 lbs at 8 months old and although he is not as heavy of bone as Mort, I think will equal him in size and approach his adult weight. Mort is cougar cat and Bart is cougar cat in training. Well… enough of all of this. All is going well and thanks again for answering.

Talk to you again soon.

Mary Jo


Hi Diane,

Well, they are both getting very comfortable here with us. They slept on the bed with us again last night and when I first woke up early this morning they were still there. Later when I woke up again they were gone. It was quiet in the house and the curiosity of where they were was killing me so I got up and there they were curled up together in the corner of the bathroom counter. So cute. They got up and ate breakfast and had a little bit of play time before they curled up together in the bathroom sink and took a nap for about an hour. They do the cutest things. I am already on my 5th roll of film. They got up and played for awhile but nothing like the rough-housing that Erick described from his day with them yesterday. Then around 11:00 they cuddled up with me on the couch which is where we all stayed for the next 7 hours. They slept and I just watched them. Jonah must of been dreaming of hunting a mouse or maybe about that fur piece you sent home with him(he is so funny with that thing–he growls anytime Sampson gets near him when he is playing with it)because he started twitching, breathing fast and heavy and his tail got puffy. It was so funny! Sampson was quite the loverboy while we had nap time…he was so cuddly and just acted like he couldn’t get close enough to me. Sweet boys they are. I just love them both. Oh, and guess what…I had a dream this morning that they were kidnapped. It was the scariest thing! I can’t get enough of them. Right now they are napping in one of their cat beds downstairs. They wandered down while we were making dinner and chased each other around for a bit. They must of tuckered out again.

I was able to get a few photos on my phone today while they were sleeping so I will email those to you for now.

I hope that black collar boy gets adjusted soon. I feel so bad for him that it makes me want to come back for him. Have you found any good homes for the others yet? We are still checking around with people.

Well, I will write again soon.

Much love,



Diane – Edith Alice had her appointment with my Vet on Friday morning, July 13th. In advance of the appointment I had left copies of her Health Records, Kitten Contract, & the NuVet Plus recommendation page at his office for his review. Before the examination or his even looking at her, he told me that your paperwork was all in order, perfectly correct, & that you were completely current & correct on the dates & types of vaccinations. He said you are the first breeder that he has seen that was completely accurate & following the recommendations of the American Cat Association to the letter. He said he has only experienced other breeders imparting inaccurate information to their clients, which of course isn’t good for them or their pets. I assured him I was aware of your business practices from my having purchased a perfect seal-point from you 3 1/2 years ago & the friendship that developed after our meeting. I told him how pleased we were to work with you again & obtain another spectacularly beautiful kitten with a perfect personality.

Once he began his examination he couldn’t stop talking about how perfect & beautiful Edith Alice is. He was very impressed how she handled herself in the exam room & made up to him – interrupted by her running back to me & jumping on my lap. He recommended that we wait until she is 6 months old to do the spaying.

We were in love with Edith Alice from the first meeting & it increases daily. She & The Commodore are already friends & are playing, chasing, & wrestling each day starting about 6:00 A.M. I believe his depression has been replaced with happiness.

Thanks again for your professionalism & expertise – and for helping diagnose & treat Commodore’s depression. We are thrilled with our newest family member.

Tom, Linda, & The Commodore